The Dark Carnival Opens its First Retail Store in Montecasino
The Dark Carnival
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The Dark Carnival is one of SA’s biggest online geek retailers. You have most likely bought from them and heard of Geekfest, which they run too. Their online store has been a leader in geek merchandise for years now and even when they host their stand at the rAge expo, you have to wait in a long line to get in in order to see what they have on offer.

If online shopping is not your thing and you would prefer to visit a shop then you are in luck. Last night The Dark Carnival officially opened the doors of its first retail store in Montecasino, Johannesburg. Located at Shop 56 (near the big food court and across the way from the crystal shop), The Dark Carnival retail store cannot be missed. Just outside the store, mounted on the wall is a giant dragon and breathes smoke and screams and it will no doubt be a huge crowd pleaser as people walk past and all those closet Game of Thrones fans wish they could take it home with them.

The store has all sorts of geek merchandise from POPs to clothing, masks, belts, caps, mugs and of course all the high-end statuettes that will set you back a good penny. The inside of the store has been laid out quite well with just enough merchandise on display for you find something you want to buy. I personally loved the clothing range from the Assassin’s Creed hoodies to the Witcher T-shirts and even the gaming caps were begging me to pull out my wallet.

Chatting to Kasia Jabrzemski, a partner in the business, she was thrilled to see the store open and she said it was a dream come true. The store has been a year in the making and once the ribbon was cut, it opened the doors to new possibilities for the brand. The store plans on hosting even more community-driven activations and even plans on making use of the [email protected] to host special screenings of all upcoming geek films. You can keep up to date with the happenings at The Dark Carnival store over on its Facebook and Twitter page.






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