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The Day Before Finally Got Gameplay and it Looks Boring AF

The Day Before gameplay reveal actually happened last night after fans strongly believed the game didn’t actually exist. If you missed why people thought this game was fake, you can catch up on the news here. In short, The Day Before was announced last year and while the original reveal trailer looked cool, there was absolutely no raw gameplay footage for the game at all. It was meant to be showcased last month in January but due to the studio failing to file a trademark for the game, they had to delay the showcase and the release date.

The delayed gameplay reveal happened two weeks late but it happened at least, right? Well, that is the problem now. The Day Before looks incredibly dull and boring. If you simply skim through the 10-minute video, you’ll see the same thing happening at every point – the player is just walking around doing basically nothing.

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There’s nothing happening for the majority of the gameplay footage but jogging around through the city. Every now and then it gets exciting as the player opens up a bag to find an item. There’s also a big focus on the crafting table which is backed by a horrendous soundtrack.

Regardless of how boring the gameplay looked, it also reeks of lies and deceit. Many players seem to think that the gameplay is also fake. A few things give this away. First off, there’s no HUD available at all. In fact, you can’t see anything on the screen which indicates actual gameplay at work here. No bullet count, health bar… nothing.

The inventory screen is also very simple. It comes with generic item holders and gear slots. There are also no other menus in the game at all. If you look at the inventory screen, you’ll see the QE buttons on the top which should offer other tabs to skim through. However, there’s nothing else here at all. No skills, no settings – nothing of the sort.

The ten-minute video also ends with a teaser for another short video but you’ll never guess what this short video was. A so-called developer playing the game live. It is a cringe clip, to say the least. It also doesn’t help that this developer was playing the exact same gameplay on the exact same street as seen in the original reveal content last year. It is almost as if they just filmed him watching the video.

If The Day Before is real then it definitely doesn’t look good. It will be interesting to see how the development of this game goes as we lead up to its promised November 2023 release window.

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