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The Demon’s Souls Hidden Door Mystery Has Been Solved

Earlier this week we reported on new mysterious hidden door users spotted in Demon’s Souls. This was apart from the strange Metal Gear Rex-like screams which were also heard yesterday. However, at least one of these two mysteries have now been solved as the door is open thanks to streamer Distortion2. The user managed to solve the puzzle by finding Ceramic Coins which are only available in the remake’s Fractured Mode.


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The process of getting the door unlocked seems to be quite a chore so thankfully someone did it so I don’t have to. Distortion2 figured out that the Ceramic Coins were the key to opening the Demon’s Souls door hidden door. However, the task was not simple. You see, these Ceramic Coins are only found in the game’s Fractured Mode.

Players who manage to keep a Pure Black or Pure White World Tendency are able to find the items in breakable boxes. After finding 26 Ceramic Coins, which apparently pays tribute to 26 years since FromSoftware released King’s Field, they then need to trade the coins to Sparkly the Crow for a key. This Rusy Key is the ticket into the Demon’s Souls hidden door.

Thankfully, the adventure is somewhat worthwhile. On the other side of the door, there’s a brand-new armour set called the Penetrator set. This set belongs to a boss of the same name and according to players, is one of the best-looking armour sets in the game.

The Ceramic Coin is nothing new in a Bluepoint Games title. its previous game, Shadow of the Colossus included the currency too in which players had to discovery 79 of them throughout the game in order to unlock a powerful sword. It seems the system might be a guaranteed feature in future games too.

You can watch the full unlocking of the door down below.

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