Video game Collector’s Editions have been getting increasingly more expensive. Gone are the days of spending R2500 on a good game that bundled a giant statue, art book and soundtrack together. The Destroy All Humans! Collector’s Edition is officially the most expensive to ever land in SA at a whopping R9,499.

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Dubbed the “Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition”, this extremely pricey version of the remake will set you back R9,499 and comes with some pretty cool loot.

For one, you will get a copy of the game. It also comes with a 60cm Crypto-137 figurine which is huge. The coolest addition, however, is the Crypto backpack that looks like the alien is holding onto your back.

Other little trinkets include a keychain, an eye-popping anti-stress toy (to help with the stress of being broke after buying this) and six lithographs. There are also some in-game skins but we don’t know what they are as of yet.

In SA, buying a Collector’s Edition has become quite a struggle as everything has become more expensive. This R9,499 is without a doubt the most expensive edition to ever be listed publically at retail. Sure, some others before have come close like the Darksiders 3 version that features all three giant statues and was listed for R8,499.

We also have Final Fantasy XV which sold for R5,999 but this Destroy All Humans! Crypto-137 Edition takes the cake. Surely the cost of the giant 60cm statue and shipping it is to blame here as the other little trinkets cannot cost that much.

You can also opt-in for the standard Destroy All Humans! Collector’s Edition if you think R10k is a bit steep. Selling for R3,999 (which is still crazy), it comes with the game, a 23cm statue of Crypto and a cow, the lithographs, the keyring and the stress ball.

Destroy All Humans! is the remake of the classic 2005 release. It has no release date but should come out sometime around early 2020.

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