The Division 2 Finally Looks Good on PS5 After Failed Enhancement Patch
"Ubisoft fixed the shoddy visuals"
The Division 2 PS5 Review
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Earlier this month Ubisoft issued a Division 2 update for PS5 and Xbox Series X that, while it improved the game on the Xbox, it downgraded the visuals on PS5. For some reason, the update completely removed volumetric fog and messed up the screen-space reflections. Sure, the game resolution was bumped to 4K and the frame-rate to 60FPS but the overall visual quality was a downgrade.


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Ubisoft has now issued a new update for The Division 2 PS5 that fixes the issues the previous one brought with it. For starters, it now improved the black crush effect that was seen previously. The screen-space reflections are also now improved to accurately reflect the surroundings. Lastly, the fog has been added to the game which was one of the biggest visual downgrades found in the previous update.

YouTube channel VG Tech broke down the game’s new update and performance saying that it now runs at a native 2400×1350 which is then reconstructed at 4K.

PS5 uses a dynamic resolution with the highest native resolution found being approximately 3456×1944 and the lowest native resolution found being 1920×1080. Native resolution pixel counts above 2400×1350 seem to be rare and native resolution pixel counts at or slightly above 1920×1080 seem to be common. There is a form of temporal reconstruction used that can increase the resolution up to 3840×2160. Note that the highest native resolution found here was in a less demanding scene than the previous test.

You can watch the gameplay down below. Overall, The Division 2 looks rather spectacular on PS5 (and Xbox Series X) so if you own a new console then make sure you update the game. Keep in mind that this update is not an “enhancement” patch that converts the game to a PS5 and Xbox Series X version. Instead, it improves the base PS4 and Xbox One version which is then boosted thanks to backwards compatibility.






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