The Division 2 Open Beta Confirmed by a Developer
The Division 2 open beta
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After Marco’s video and opinion piece on The Division 2 from the private beta over the weekend, I simply can’t wait for the game to come out. The first game was fantastic even with its launch issues and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are in that same boat but want to first try a game before throwing your wallet at it, then you are in luck. The Division 2 open beta has casually been mentioned by a developer.

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Without making a big deal about it, a developer mentioned The Division 2 open beta on the game’s official channel. This took place during a livestream of the game on the channel, where a developer said that some of the bugs seen in the private beta will be fixed in the open beta.

If you can recall, the original game also had an open beta, which took place roughly one week before the game’s launch (8 March 2016). The Division 2 launches on 15 March so we will likely see The Division 2 open beta in late February or maybe early March. Keep in mind that Ubisoft has not announced the official schedule for The Division 2 open beta just yet. However, things are looking good for those who want to test the game out before launch.

Reddit user TiniestBuckle‘s captured the moment the developer mentioned The Division 2 open beta, which you can view below.

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Do you plan on checking out The Division 2 open beta and did you like the original game? Let us know in the comment section below.






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