The Dota 2 Chongqing Major Champions
Chongqing Major Champions
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As a Dota 2 fan, it was a fantastic weekend as the Chongqing Major’s final two days delivered some awesome matches to watch. Early in the tournament, Team Secret was knocked down to the loser’s bracket by Virtus.Pro. However, Puppey’s team didn’t give up and managed to defeat Evil Geniuses in the loser’s bracket final for their shot at revenge in the grand finals. Now, the Dota 2 Chongqing Major champions have been crowned.

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Team Secret managed to make it look easy to beat down Virtus.Pro in the best-of-five grand finals. The first two games didn’t even last an hour combined as they just ploughed through the Russian side with such immense confidence. It was a bit shocking to see such dominance, but Virtus.Pro didn’t go down without a fight. The third game went the way of Virtus.Pro, but Team Secret quickly recovered from the loss and claimed the fourth game as their own.

With that, Team Secret became the Chongqing Major champions, claiming $350,000 in prize money as well as a whopping 4950 DPC points. Virtus.Pro walks away with $170,000 and 3000 DPC points. Best of all, both these teams have already qualified for a direct invite to The International 2018 and it was abundantly clear that they are two of the best teams in the world right now.

For those who missed the grand finals, you can check out all four games embedded below.

Secret versus VP game 1

Watch [EN] vs Team Secret, Game 1, The Chongqing Major Grand Final from dotastarladder_en on

Secret versus VP game 2

Watch [EN] vs Team Secret, Game 2, The Chongqing Major Grand Final from dotastarladder_en on

Secret versus VP game 3

Watch [EN] vs Team Secret, Game 3, The Chongqing Major Grand Final from dotastarladder_en on

Secret versus VP game 4

Watch [EN] vs Team Secret, Game 4, The Chongqing Major Grand Final from dotastarladder_en on

Secret’s drafts were, in my opinion, one of the biggest reasons they won, combined with world-class performances from Zai that simply couldn’t be overlooked. If anything, it feels as if Puppey has control of the meta right now and just understands it so well that it is absolutely frightening to go up against Team Secret.

Did you think Team Secret would become the Chongqing Major champions in such crushing fashion? Let us know in the comment section below.






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