The Dying Light 2 Development Update Was a Sad Attempt to Update Fans on The Game
"This is not Jimmy Kimmel Live"
Dying Light 2 Release Date Techland Microsoft
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Last night Techland hosted a Dying Light 2 development update on its upcoming open-world zombie game. While many knew the update was coming, Techland never shared any details on how and where users could watch it. Just simply said, “join the discord”. There was a reason why this update was meant to fly under the radar. Mainly because it was pointless.

Techland did make it clear from the start that the Dying Light 2 development update would not play host to a release date. However, little did we know that the video would only contain 15 seconds of gameplay and the rest of the time it would consist of the devs reading angry tweets like they were on Jimmy Kimmel live.


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While fans were expecting something at least remotely informative, it never happened. Instead, it was a bunch of talking and talking…. and talking. A pretty sad move especially given how Techland has been under fire in the recent weeks due to the rise in toxic workplace reports. We have also already seen quite a chunk of gameplay back in 2019. Surely, they had something more they could have shown off?

If this Dying Light 2 development update was meant to put the hope back in your heart that the game is on its way and development is going smoothly, it most likely failed.

Watch the sad video down below and if you want to avoid all the cringy hero poses and mean tweet reads, just fast forward to 2:07 to watch the 15-second gameplay clip.

You can also just rewatch the 2019 gameplay demo where Techland actually showed off the game.







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