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The Elder Scrolls Online is Headed to a “Never-Before-Seen World” in 2022

A new year means a new bunch of The Elder Scrolls Online DLC and expansions. Every year, ZeniMax and Bethesda announce their plans for the massive online RPG and this year, gamers can expect a surprising reveal taking place on 27 January. Bethesda is teasing something big happening in the series in 2022 and the new year-long story will see players whisked away to a “never-before-seen world”.

This means The Elder Scrolls Online expansion for 2022 will be set in a land we don’t know about yet with new stories and cultures to discover that have yet to be documented in the series’ lore.

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The short cinematic teaser trailer sees three ships sailing across a stormy ocean. The three ships most likely represent the three game factions you can choose to be part of. They are seen approaching a rocky shoreline. However, someone is aware of their presence – a knight in heavy armour picks up his sword as he walks towards the balcony to spot the ships sailing towards a castle.

Reddit users have chimed in on the teaser with their own theories. So far, they kind of make sense. Users claim that the DLC will feature the Bretons, a human race of elven ancestry. Bretons are known for their proficiency in magic and alchemy. Users also claim that the expansion content will take place in High Rock. Bretons are known to reside in the region. High Rock is also known for its rocky shoreline, rugged terrain and scattered islands.

If The Elder Scrolls Online expansion for 2022 is set in High Rock, it isn’t exactly “never-before-seen”. In fact, players have already explored Daggerfall in the second game. Daggerfall is a land in the southwest part of High Rock. The Elder Scrolls Online also features an area set in Daggerfall too. However, there are still other regions that could be classed as never-before-seen in TESO. This includes Dellese Isles and smaller lands scattered around the kingdom.

If the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online expansion isn’t set in High Rock, it will still most definitely feature the Bretons. Whatever is happening, you can tune into the reveal on 27 January 22:00 SAT / 12PM PT / 3PM ET on Twitch. Check out the teaser trailer so long down below.

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