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The Elder Scrolls TV Series Addressed by Todd Howard

The Fallout TV series released yesterday and the internet is buzzing about the latest video game adaptation that seems to be a slam dunk with audiences and critics after HBO’s The Last of Us. Of course, fans are already looking forward to what Bethesda might choose to adapt next. Todd Howard recently addressed the possibility of The Elder Scrolls TV series, though it might not be the hopeful news you were expecting.

Speaking to IGN during the red carpet premiere of the Fallout TV series in Los Angeles yesterday, Todd Howard was pressed about The Elder Scrolls possibly being the next big adaptation from Bethesda. According to Howard, everyone keeps asking about a live-action show set in the realm of Tamriel, though the director “keeps saying no” to the idea.

Howard’s full response reads:

“Everybody asks, like, about Elder Scrolls, and I keep saying no also. You never know if someone’s going to click. I think this really came out of, ‘we think things are aligning to do a high-quality job.’ It wasn’t forced. I can’t predict the future, but this has been one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever done, and we’re just over the moon, everybody in the studio with seeing it this way.”

That’s not to say that Howard will never say “yes” to the idea. It sounds like Bethesda’s energy is currently focused on the Fallout TV series to consider any future projects and endeavours, which is understandable. Adapting The Elder Scrolls will be quite a daunting task too – one that requires a sizeable budget, high-quality production and the right showrunners to lead the charge. We’re happy with the team focusing on Fallout first and getting it right before an Elder Scrolls TV show is even considered at this point.

The Fallout TV series is now streaming on Prime Video. Here’s how to watch it and what to expect.

Source: IGN

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