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The Elder Scrolls VI Gameplay Details and Setting Leaked

Bethesda is currently hard at work on the next instalment, The Elder Scrolls VI. Up to now, rumours have been swirling regarding the game’s setting and gameplay and someone on Reddit who claims to be close to the developers at Bethesda leaked a load of new information.

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Keep in mind that this could all be fake but right now it is the most exciting information we have seen from the game to date. The leaked details go into specifics about the upcoming RPG’s setting and even the game’s main quest. Take a look at all the new The Elder Scrolls VI information;

  • The Elder Scrolls VI will be set in High Rock and Hammerfall
  • The location seen in the trailer is called Yokuda which acts as the archipelago remnants of the Redguard’s homeland
  • Bethesda’s approach to High Rock is going to be more closely leaning into Mark Jones’s various concept work from Battlespire
  • A lot of the quests revolve around political intrigue and making advancement in magic
  • The Elder Scrolls VI will be a return to the RPG’s roots in terms of combat.
  • The main quest revolves mostly around Direnni Tower (aka the adamantine tower) and the tension between High Rock and Hammerfall
  • There will be a new time-based quest system that will see people run into problems as time goes by in the game. The “Radiant AI” from Oblivion will push this system even further. Every person has a job, earns money and has a lifestyle. Some of them get drunk at night in a tavern and others turn to crime and steal things. Experiences for each player will be unique as the people around them will be unique too
  • Certain NPCs will be hardwired into the game including specific quests and plot points
  • Every city in The Elder Scrolls VI is designed to scale and there will be no loading screens. Only entering your home will result in a loading screen due to the engine’s collecting and storing system
  • Spells will be beefed up and new spells will be added to the game. Alteration, for example, will allow you to alter the reality around you. Players can pull giant spikes out of the ground, open locks and slow people down.
  • Miracles and spells will be added with a “Paladin-like” buff system where players can blind enemies, burn them and stun them.
  • Players will be able to buff weapons with destruction magic
  • Guilds and Factions will return including the Dark Brotherhood but each faction will feature unique missions and quests. Each of them will play a large role in the game’s progression and side story.
  • Vampire guilds will return for the first time since Morrowind but this time the guild will feature different vampire types. Melee-focused vampire, mage-vampires, and even a nightly stealth vampire. They will each gain unique powers including invisibility and flying.
  • The game is planned for a 2025 release date

Take this information with a pinch of salt for now.

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