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The Finals Open Beta Starts Today – Created by Ex-DICE Devs

The Finals is a new free-to-play, squad-based shooter from former Battlefield and ex-DICE developers under Embark Studios. Ahead of its unspecified release, the game will kick off its open beta starting today. PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC players can hop into the action which is heavily inspired by other bloodsport media like Squid Game.

The trailer for The Finals open beta shows what players are in for. Intense matches take place on large, constructed sets in the middle of a crowd-filled arena called Skyway Stadium. Squads will need to compete against each other in various objective-based matches. The gameplay is fast-paced, explosive and has a great sense of verticality as you zip around the environments and rush to finish your assigned tasks while outshining the other teams.

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The open beta for The Finals will include a new map, Skyway Stadium, described as an “ever-changing” and “treacherous playground.” A new game mode called Bank-It in which four teams of three try to accumulate as much riches as possible. Embark describes it as a “casual-friendly, combat-focused mode” for those who aren’t looking to compete in the other competitive modes on offer.

Players who take part in the open beta for The Finals will also receive a free battle pass with 16 unlockable rewards that players can keep for the full launch.

The official description for The Finals reads:

“Viewers at home, here’s the news you’ve been waiting to hear: THE FINALS is accepting new contestants, and that means YOU! That’s right, soon the world could be watching YOU tear apart our newest dynamic arenas and seize everlasting fame! As you know, THE FINALS is the world’s greatest free-to-play combat game show! Our contestants plug in to our virtual world and join teams in escalating tournaments. They fight it out in our beautifully-rendered arenas based on real-world locations that they can alter, exploit, and even destroy.”

The open beta for The Finals will run from today until 5 November 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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