The First Captain Marvel Trailer will give you Nerd Chills
Captain Marvel trailer
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When I awoke from my slumber this morning, I saw the first Captain Marvel trailer released by Marvel Studios. What transpired was nerd chills running down my spine and if you want to skip to the bottom of this article to watch the trailer over and over again, I won’t blame you.

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Some Marvel fans might still be stunned after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, but hopefully, you can remember the ending. Nick Fury called for help over what looked like an old communication device and then, the Captain Marvel logo showed up. This call for help leads us to the upcoming Captain Marvel film that will release on 8 March 2019. Brie Larson plays the role of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, and she has some powerful boots to fill.

The trailer showcases what we have all expected; an origin story. Introducing Captain Marvel to the cinematic universe is no small feat. The character will, without a doubt, play an integral role in the next Avengers film. The story plays off in the 90’s with Samuel L. Jackson reprising the role of Nick Fury (with both eyes intact). You also see another familiar face in the form of Clark Gregg, aka Agent Coulson and Kree geneticist, Minn-Evra, aka Dr Minevra, portrayed by Gemma Chan.

So what is this upcoming film about you may ask? Well, it’s all about the earth being caught in a war between two alien races, the Skrull and the Kree. That might explain why Captain Marvel punches an old lady on a bus. This scene also indicates that Captain Marvel has the ability to see through the Skrull’s shapeshifting abilities.

There might also be a reference to how Captain Marvel got her powers in the first place. In the comic books, Carol Danvers got her immense powers from a freak accident with a Kree device exploding.

But enough talk, see for yourself in the first Captain Marvel trailer below and tell us how excited you are for Captain Marvel on the big screen next year.

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