The First Descendant

The First Descendant Looks Incredible in First Reveal Trailer

Nexon has officially unveiled its new game called The First Descendant. Originally announced during the PlayStation Showcase event last year as Project Magnum, Nexon is now ready to share more about this co-op looter shooter and it looks pretty great. According to Nexon, The First Descendant follows players as they grapple around, take on massive bosses and get immersed in a new original sci-fi fantasy world.

The First Descendant is built in Unreal Engine 5 and features dynamic four-player co-op combat. You take on the role of a Descendant amidst a war against Karel and his army of alien invaders. The game includes multiple classes and the trailer gives us a glimpse of some of them.

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Lepic is a versatile fighter with weapons built into his arms. Viessa is a magic wielder that freezes her enemies by freezing the air around them. Bunny is a fast-paced agile character with electric attack powers. Lastly, Ajax is the tank class that wields void attacks able to warp the very fabric of time.

The First Descendant

Each character also has a robust skill tree players can experiment with as they take down massive bosses and armies of foes in what is described as “dynamic” combat. Using the grappling hook, players can pull themselves to enemies, pull off enemy armour and parts and even get around the battlefield faster. The trailer shows this all off.

Nexon says that The First Descendant will release in the future for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. There will also be a closed beta test taking place between 20 – 26 October on Steam. You can sign up for that test here. Here’s a rundown of the game:

The First Descendant

  • 4-Player Co-Op Play – Team up with other players for four-player co-op strategic battles. Each player’s amazing powers and abilities will lead to tactical battles for the win.
  • Charming and Unique Characters – Play as different characters, each with distinctive concepts and battle styles. Characters will have customizable elements to allow players to support character decoration. Don’t miss your chance to play as 10 different characters during the closed-beta test this Autumn.
  • Exciting Battles, Dynamic Action, Multiple Skills, and Unique Weapons – Experience exciting battles with different characters, each with unique skill sets, free movements, and chain actions through grappling hooks, colourful firearms, and additional effects. Players create the battle style they desire!

The First Descendant


  • Battle Huge Boss Monsters – Battle huge boss monsters with different appearances and abilities. Various powers and difficulties will stimulate the player’s competitive spirit as you struggle not to fall in battle. Target the boss’s gimmicks to experience a more compact and strategic team play.
  • Motivating Play and Growth – Equip characters with 3 guns, 4 pieces of secondary equipment, and various sub-weapons. Use and change the equipment based on the types of battles encountered. New equipment develops character growth by combining various pieces, enhancing character and firearm stats, or adding a new ability. Obtain new items through clearing scenario missions or in the world missions where cooperation is crucial. Use new items to challenge yourself with more complex tasks!

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