The First Descendant

The First Descendant Players Compensated For Another Server Outage

The First Descendant is still having a rough time across all platforms. The game’s servers have struggled to stay up over the past day with hour-long downtimes hitting players.

Last night, the game went offline from 18:00 and returned after 21:00 only to get hit by another outage at 22:00 CAT. This outage lasted well into the morning when Nexon was forced to perform server maintenance. This maintenance went on for roughly four hours.

Nexon has provided players with “compensation” for the outages in the form of XP boosts. However, the larger issues are still present in the game. These include major performance hiccups, crashes, missing rewards and ping-related problems. Players have also complained about missing crafting items as a result of the constant server crashes.

Some players say that Descendants and items which were undergoing research during the outage have been lost alongside the crafting materials required to perform the research. Keep in mind that this mechanic requires players to farm for specific materials to “unlock” items by researching them. Either that or purchase them with real money. So losing these items is not good at all.

Nexon hasn’t provided any feedback on these problems. The studio has yet to comment on the performance issues plaguing the game either.

The First Descendant launched on 2 July to mixed reviews on Steam over its game performance, missing in-game purchases and of course, predatory monetisation. However, players have stuck it out. The game has reached over 200k concurrent players on Steam over the past few days. We only hope the performance problems are ironed out soon.

The First Descendant is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


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