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The First Descendant Players Create Petition Over Predatory Monetization

The First Descendant players have started a petition to try to convince Nexon to reduce some of the predatory monetization systems in the game. One system that has come under fire since its launch is the game’s customization tools in the form of shaders and paints.

The game currently features a shader system that lets players apply certain colours to their gear. However, these colours are a one-time-use item and disappear after use. Players then need to either obtain these colours again or purchase them with real money.

Essentially, these consumable items mean that players need to pay for every colour change. Keep in mind that a weapon, for example, includes a number of different sections that can be changed. Each time you select a segment and change the colour, it uses your paint.

During the beta, The First Descendant didn’t have this system. Instead, players were free to use as many paints as possible as many times as they wanted to. Of course, now that the game is out and littered with every single in-game purchase under the sun, these paints have become a problem.

The petition asks Nexon to reconsider the one-time-use paint system and instead, let players customize their gear without limitations. The user, Charles C says that customization is an important aspect of the game and giving players more freedom to express themselves will add to the experience.

It adds that The First Descendant already has dozens of other systems in place to make money and paints shouldn’t be one. It also compares the customization system to Warframe, which makes sense given how similar the paint system is. However, in Warframe, players don’t have to purchase paint over and over again.

Bungie also tried this system at the launch of Destiny 2. Initially, shaders were consumable items which were used once applied to a weapon or piece of gear. These shaders came in loot boxes and drops throughout the world. The system received major backlash and didn’t last long. Destiny 2 now features a much more welcoming customization system.

The petition is only on 105 signatures but let’s hope Nexon sees this. Honestly, I am currently playing The First Descendant and the purchases are ridiculous. You can buy everything, boost everything and save time with money. Paints should at least be free to use. Maybe then players won’t look identical.


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