The Gaming Guru Podcast Episode 28 – It’s The End of The World!

Gaming Guru Podcast
The Gaming Guru Podcast Episode 28 – It’s The End of The World!

It has been a while since we shared an episode of the Gaming Guru Podcast and we are sorry. Things happen and we often miss it but we are determined to get it up every week from now on. With that being said, Gaming Guru Podcast Episode 28 is now live and it touches on some intense topics including the thing everyone is talking about, the Coronavirus and how it is impacting gaming.

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Well it’s the end of the world – and no it’s not zombies, terrorism or alien invasions as video games would’ve prepared us for…it’s the super sniffles.


Don’t you fear – as we all cower in our respective underground doomsday bunkers the Gaming Guru Podcast is here to let you know all that is happening in the surface world. We have lots of news this week, some great candidates for Hero and Villain of the week and we chat about the crazy stuff coming from China – no not coronavirus, but a BAN on gaming?!?

If you missed last week’s episode, which was all about the state of next-gen consoles and Sony’s silence over the PS5, listen to it down below. You can also listen to older episodes by heading to this link.

This week we discuss the rumours that Sony might be seriously about to fumble the next generation of consoles given news that is surfacing regarding the next generation of consoles – what do you think? Are we seeing the end of consoles in general? Did the PC master race finally win or do we bow before our new cloud/mobile overlords? All this and the tastiest Fish Dicks from across the internet

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