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Gotham Knights Artbook Has Leaked Revealing Major Plot Points

Gotham Knights is just a few days away but you’ll have to avoid the internet in the coming days if you want the game to remain a surprise. Sadly, a spoiler-filled artbook, which was originally meant to release after the game’s launch, has been uploaded online and it is packed full of major story points that will ruin Gotham Knights for you.

To make matters worse, it seems that users have gone and intentionally found the art book and leaked it online to spoil the experience for gamers looking forward to Gotham Knights. The game’s executive producer Fleur Marty commented on the current situation and voiced his disappointment with the leak.

I won’t go into detail about exactly what the book contains but I happened to stumble upon one page of the book by mistake and it has ruined the entire story for me at this point. I warn you to avoid certain forums and sites until you have played the game in full.

For the most part, only certain portions of the book have been leaked for now. However, the leak does seem to contain the most important parts of the game’s story. Some pages reveal the game’s final boss and the events leading up to the fight. These spoilers are definitely something you’ll want to avoid if you can.

Gotham Knights is set to launch to launch on 21 October for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Catch up on the latest gameplay trailer for the game below:

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