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The GTA V Godzilla Mod Sees You Live Your Monster Fantasy

GTA V is a robust open-world game with loads of buildings around, cars to explode and mountains to climb. So why do it on foot when you can become Godzilla and wreck everything around you? The best of all, the cops can’t stop a massive towering beast from blasting radiation beams into everything around it… Can they? Let’s hope not. This new GTA V Godzilla mod by JulioNIB sounds pretty cool on paper and seeing it in action is even better.

In the new GTA V Godzilla mod, players can turn into the iconic monster and rampage through the city of Los Santos. The mod is more than just a boring character swap though. Modder JulioNIB has put a lot of effort into its presentation. Godzilla smashes the ground as it walks, makes loud thumping sounds and the sea monster’s tail even lights up as it charges its beam.


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Sure, there are some wonky clipping issues here and there mainly because Godzilla walks into street poles and the model reacts like a normal character. But it is pretty rad to see on screen. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to control. Speaking of the beam, it deals some incredible damage and seems to destroy vehicles, both flying and grounded instantly.

Even if helicopters come after you when you hit the higher wanted levels, you can just beam them out of the sky. Time to live your Godzilla fantasy. While the mod is not completely ready for public use, modder JulioNIB says it is coming very soon. However, you can test out the work-in-progress version while you’re at it. He posted a gif on his Twitter account showing this off. You need to head over to his Patreon page to access it. Of course, it goes without saying that this GTA V Godzilla Mod is for PC only.

Check out some gameplay of the GTA V Godzilla mod down below:

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