The Guinness World Record for Most Platinum Trophies
most platinum trophies
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That glorious “ding” when you finally managed to get a Platinum Trophy on your PS4 feels wonderful. Most of us don’t have many and I, for one, always feel a bit insecure in my gaming achievements when I see someone with over 50 of them. For those who get that same feeling, prepare to get wrecked. For the first time ever, Guinness has allowed trophy hunting into the record books. That means that Hakam Karim has finally earned the record for most Platinum Trophies.

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Hold onto your DualShock, because the world record for the most platinum trophies is 1691. Playing under the name Hakoon, Mr Karim took 10 years to achieve this amazing record. Clearly, not all heroes wear capes.

Mr Karim revealed this information on Twitter accompanied by two photos showing the Guinness World Record, which you can check out below.

As we all know, there are other, lesser trophies which you get while playing a game on the PSN as well. Hakoon has earned over 70,000 trophies in total, playing over 2500 games. Sure, there’s probably a lot of very easy games in there, including some made for trophy hunters. However, it is still a very impressive feat and something I don’t see any of us replicating.

His first Platinum Trophy came from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune all the way back in August 2007. It is very clear the Platinum Trophy bug bit him repeatedly.

You can check out his video below where he talks more about his world record for most Platinum Trophies, then tell us what you think about all this in the comment section.

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