The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge Day 3 Roster Picks
Fantasy Challenge day 3 The International 2019
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Tomorrow, 17 August 2019, is the third day of The International 2019’s group stage and things are heating up. Sometimes, you simply can’t predict what is going to happen and which players will perform the best, with a perfect example being OG’s Ana picking IO twice as a PO1 during Day 2 against NiP. Things get a bit crazy but for the Fantasy Challenge Day 3, you should bet on the players who have done well throughout, taking multiple other factors into consideration as well.

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As always, the most important factor is which teams play the most matches on the day. For the Fantasy Challenge Day 3 roster, you should only pick players from Secret, Alliance, Chaos, Keen, Mineski and Newbee. Today, I’m going all-in on Secret and Keen Gaming players for various reasons, including the types of opponents they will be facing.

Some general rules to follow is that you should never pick a PO3 as one of your cores, you should pick players from teams that you think will have longer matches and prioritize picks based on player stats combined with their position. As you can see in my Fantasy Challenge Day 3 picks below, I went with two PO5 supports. Some alternative picks that could do very well is CCnC from Newbee mid. I went with these picks because I think Keen will have long games on Day 3.

Fantasy Challenge Day 3 The International 2019

For Secret fans, even a full Team Secret roster isn’t too bad, but you might want to pick up a core from another team instead of Zai, as PO3 players normally don’t do that well. At the time of writing, Day 2 is not done yet, but my picks for Day 1 saw a 543 point return, which was just 17 points below the global top 100.

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What does your Fantasy Challenge Day 3 roster for The International 2019 look like? Feel free to share your picks in the comments below and stay tuned at GLITCHED for all the Dota 2 esports coverage including daily Fantasy Challenge roster picks.






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