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The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge Guide – Everything You Need to Know

The International 2019’s group stage kicks off in just a couple of days, on 15 August 2019 at 03:00 South African time. That’s also the exact same time that the Fantasy Challenge for Dota 2 Battle Pass owners lock each day. For me, one of my favourite things to do and compete against others in is the Fantasy Challenge.

Last year, I managed to end in the top 10% with ease and now, I am here to help Dota 2 Battle Pass owners with everything they possibly need to know about the Fantasy Challenge. Every day starting this Wednesday, 14 August 2019, I will be providing you with my card picks for the day, details on why these cards were picked and more.

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If you plan on not copying the picks of anyone and sorting through all of it yourself, then we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge in this article. Let’s start off with the rewards, then the basic rules, then move on to card stats and finally, seven tips that will help you succeed.

Fantasy Challenge Rewards

Battle Pass owners can level up with Battle Point rewards if they manage to do well in The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge. Check out the reward structure below. Note: These Battle Points will be given out shortly after the completion of The International 2019 Grand Finals.

  • Top 10% of all players will get 16000 BP
  • Top 25% of all players will get 8000 BP
  • Top 50% of all players will get 4000 BP

The Basic Rules

There are a few basic rules for The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge that you should be aware of, namely:

  • You can’t use two cards for the same player in a single day.
  • Each day’s roster is unique, meaning you can use completey different or exactly the same roster each day if you so choose.
  • Only the highest scoring two games in a best-of-three match count towards your daily score.
  • The highest scoring three games count towards your daily score for the Grand Finals.

Player Card Stats

Armed with the basic tips above, lets look at what the stats on those player cards mean and how much each on contributes to your total The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge score for the day.

  • Kills – 0.3 points per kill
  • Deaths – 3 points minus 0.3 points per death
  • Last hits and denies – 0.003 points per last hit or deny
  • Gold Per Minute – 0.002 points per GPM
  • Towers – 1 point for the killing blow on a tower by a specific player
  • Roshan – 1 point for the killing blow on poor old Roshan
  • Team Fights – 3 points times Team Fight participation percentage
  • Observer Wards – 0.5 points for each observer ward placed
  • Camps Stacked – 0.5 points for each camp stacked
  • Runes – 0.25 points for every Rune the player grabs or bottles up
  • First Blood – 4 points for landing the killing blow for First Blood in a game
  • Stuns – 0.05 points per second of total stun duration in a game

7 Fantasy Challenge Tips

Now that you know the basic rules, what the player card stats do as well as how many Battle Points you can earn in The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge, it is time for some must-know tips that will help you success and climb the leaderboard, not to mention the bragging rights when you are on top of your friend’s list.

The International 2019 Fantasy Challenge

Daily Quest

Possibly the most important of all the tips is that you should check which teams play the most matches on the day and exclusively select players from those teams in your roster. That’s the only way to get the maximum points per day. Further, never forget to set your roster.

Stats Aren’t All-Important

Having all golden cards are cool, but don’t just throw in players because you have a golden card for them. Instead, look at a variety of other factors, including how the player has been performing and how many matches they are playing on the day.

Save Some Dust

You can turn duplicate or unwanted player cards into dust and it is always tempting to use up all your dust on more premium packs or individual player cards. However, you should wait as the tournament progresses because you might want a specific player card later on.

The Throwaways

When a team gets eliminated from The International 2019, don’t forget to turn all the player cards for that team to dust. Note that if you have used a specific player card in a previous day’s roster, you won’t be able to turn that card into dust.

Stats and Player Roles

Having great stats on a card is nice, but it doesn’t help if, for example, you have +20% kills on a position five support. Sometimes, silver cards will be better than gold cards for a player, if the stats line up to their roles, so take note what type of stats you have on a card and choose wisely.

The Long Haul

This one is very simple but at the same time quite complicated to work out and predict. The longer a match lasts, the more your Fantasy Challenge roster will be able to score. Therefore, it is a good idea to pick players who you think will play in long, drawn-out matches.

No Time? No Problem!

Doing the research for the TI 2019 Fantasy Challenge can be daunting and requires a lot of time and effort to make the right picks. However, you don’t have to go and do all the work, as I will be posting my picks in an article each day in the afternoon so you can copy these picks in. I will be doing all the research for our readers who don’t have time to do it themselves and I can almost guarantee a top 10% finish if you follow the picks each and every day.

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Are you excited for the TI 2019 Fantasy Challenge and how did you do last year? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned for all The International 2019 and Battle Pass coverage you can handle right here at GLITCHED and don’t forget to check out our Immortal Treasure III opening if you haven’t already.

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