Valve announced and released The International 2019’s Battle Pass and with it, the mission to make esports history began once again. The International 2019 prize pool has already reached unprecedented levels for the amount of time the Battle Pass has been available and it if things continue on this trend, The International 2019 prize pool will definitely become the biggest in esports history and could even surpass that magical $30 million mark.

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At the time of writing, The International 2019 prize pool sits at $12,083,797 which is roughly R173 million. This insane number was reached in less than 10 days and the prize pool is so far ahead of TI 2018’s that it is hard to believe. Right now, according to the Dota 2 Prize Tracker, the prize pool is 25% (or $2,610,585) ahead of last year’s. The TI 2018 prize pool ended at $25,532,177 and it looks like TI 2019 will surpass this with ease.

Check out the graph from Dota 2 Prize Tracker below.

The International 2019 Prize Pool

Keep in mind that only 25% of proceeds from Battle Pass and related item sales go towards the prize pool, while 75% goes to Valve, so the developer is definitely raking in the green right now. Valve did, however, sponsor $1.6 million of this prize pool, which means that Battle Pass purchases have brought in $10,483,797 so far.

I, for one, find it exciting to see the prize pool grow and if (or rather when) the prize pool surpasses last year’s total, every Battle Pass owner will be rewarded with 10,000 Battle Points, or 10 levels. If the prize pool surpasses that $30 million mark, Battle Pass owners get another 10,000 Battle Points.

As is tradition, we should also see big spikes in the prize pool graph every time Valve releases an update to the Battle Pass or a new treasure.

How big do you think The International 2019 prize pool will be this year? Let us know in the comment section and don’t forget to check out our Battle Pass level 100 opening if you haven’t already.

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