Early this month, The International 2019 prize pool made esports history, shooting past last year’s mammoth $25,532,177 thereby making it the biggest prize pool for a single esports tournament ever. In the early hours of the morning, the prize pool hit another massive milestone, blowing past $29 million, moving ever closer to that magical $30 million number. At the time of writing, The International 2019’s prize pool is sitting at $29,062,616 which at the current Dollar to Rand conversion rate is R403 million.

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That’s an insane milestone if you ask me and there is no doubt left in my mind that the $30 million mark is just like Thanos, inevitable. Why should you care? Well, this prize pool is part of esports history and that’s big already, but Battle Pass owners will also get an additional 10,000 Battle Points when the prize pool inevitably shoots past $30 million.

The International 2019 prize pool got a great big boost (over $2 million) thanks to the Collector’s Cache Volume II which released over the weekend, as Valve is selling these treasures for R36 each. Check out the graph from Dota Prize Tracker below for reference.

The International 2019 prize pool

We still have the Immortal Treasure III to go, as well as other Battle Pass rewards such as the Kid Invoker Persona. The prize pool climbs with thousands every minute and with The International 2019’s grand finals still roughly six weeks away, there is aboslutely no doubt left that the prize pool will hit the $30 million mark.

Keep in mind that only 25% of Battle Pass and related purchases go into the prize pool, while the other 75% goes to Valve. That’s a whole lot of money so hopefully, no expense will be spared for the Main Event of the tournament in Shanghai, China this year.

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What do you think about this mammoth prize pool and when do you think it will make it past that magical $30 million mark? Let us know in the comment section below.


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