The Largest Video Game Collection World Record Set
video game collection
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Did you think your video game collection boasting 100 games was impressive? Well, it is not, when you compare it to Antonio Romero Monteiro’s collection, a man who has been awarded the Guinness World Record for the largest video game collection ever. Clearly, not all heroes wear capes and it’s awesome to see such dedication, especially if you love those physical copies of video games.

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Mr Monteiro is from Texas, US, and I guess the saying is true that “everything is bigger in Texas”, as he has built up a video game collection of over 20,000 items, 20,139 to be exact. A Texan news station called WTVY reports that Mr Monteiro was notified by Guinness this Monday that he has more video games than any one person on earth, making him the record holder. At the time, he had the same reaction to the news that I am sure many gamers would have, myself included.

I was at work, in the middle of a meeting, and all of a sudden, I started jumping up and down

Mr Monteiro started collecting games at a young age. He has many unopened games and he mentions that one of them, in particular, is worth between $500 and $700. Some of his games also only released in Japan. He has a “very patient, loving wife” as well as a full-time job, just for those who wanted to scream “he needs to get a life”.

Check out the Guinness World Record entry here.

His video game collection spans eight generations of consoles and it just looks so awesome to someone who prefers physical copies of video games over digital.

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Check out a video from WTVY below and then tell us what you think about the biggest video game collection in the world.






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