Naughty Dog Responds to The Last of Us 2 2019 Launch Rumours
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Recently rumours have been swirling around the internet machine that there’s a good chance that The Last of Us 2 will be released this year. As Sony has chosen to give E3 2019 a skip for the first time in 24 years, many fans of the franchise were chomping at the bit to get any information about The Last of Us 2.

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In response to release rumours about the upcoming PlayStation 4 game, Community Manager for Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer took to Twitter. The Tweet is in direct response to an article on the satirical website, The Onion, which joked that The Last of Us 2 will be released in 2019.

If you wanted some big news about Part II of the franchise that was started in 2013, then you’re going to have to wait some more, unfortunately. Arne Meyer was pretty tight-lipped with his Tweets regarding the release rumours of the game and didn’t really shine much of a light on the game at all. He goes on to joke that it’s kind of an honour to be featured in The Onion.

So, when can fans expect some more The Last of Us 2 news? A fan pushed Arne Meyer for some more information regarding the game, noting “it’s almost approaching a year since we last heard anything”. Arne Meyer has assured fans that Naughty Dog will be releasing more information on the game when the game and the team making it are ready.

Fans will have to wait then.

Are you excited for The Last of Us: Part II? You can take a look at last year’s E3 reveal trailer for the game below, while you wait for more information to be released.

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