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The Last of Us Multiplayer Director is Still Working on The Game

The director behind the standalone multiplayer game for The Last of Us says he’s still working on the project despite previous reports claiming that it had been stalled or “put on ice.” Naughty Dog game director Vinit Agarwal gave fans a positive update and stated that work is still progressing on The Last of Us‘ planned multiplayer project.

Previous reports claimed that the multiplayer project was “put on ice” after Naughty Dog underwent a company restructure and potential layoffs (it’s worth noting that these layoffs were never outright confirmed by the developer or PlayStation). As reported by GamesRadar, Agarwal confirmed that he’s still working on the standalone multiplayer The Last of Us game, simply stating, “Yes, I’m still working on that game.”

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Now that we’ve heard it directly from the game’s director, we’re left wondering if there’s something going on behind the scenes that fans aren’t clued in on. Last month, a new report stated that PlayStation was apparently reversing its live-service games push – a mandate that promised at least 10 games as a service titles would launch by 2026. That hasn’t been going well for Sony so far, though.

With PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan retiring early next year, it’s believed that several first-party studios have reorganised its multiplayer projects in favour of sticking to narrative-driven single-player games which PlayStation is known for. It’s unknown what the state of several of these planned live-service projects are at the moment.

Despite all of these conflicting accounts of what’s actually happening with The Last of Us multiplayer, it’s claimed that Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us Part III alongside a potential new IP.

In other news, a new report states that Sony Pictures is moving ahead with a live-action Bloodborne movie under PlayStation Productions – one of several planned adaptations that Sony is currently working on.

Source: GamesRadar

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