Sony and Naughty Dog have decided to delay the upcoming, much-anticipated The Last of Us Part 2 until a new undisclosed release date. The delay comes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused major logistics issues in the industry and seen delays for games already such as Final Fantasy VII Remake. The Last of Us Part 2 delay did not come easy according to PlayStation but the global crisis is preventing Naughty Dog from delivering the launch experience to all player worldwide.

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Instead of launching the game in some territories and having retail copies limited to countries with open borders, the decision to delay the game until further notice came at less of a cost.  Naughty Dog did not say when The Last of Us Part 2 will release, however, it is clear that the studio is waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to calm down before revealing any new information.

This is now the second delay for The Last of Us Part 2 which was meant to release on 22 February but was pushed back to 29 May. Hopefully, we can get our hands on the game before September 2020. We will just have to wait and see how this global pandemic turns out.

Sony did release a handful of new screenshots for the upcoming game and they look superb. Take a look at them down below;

The Last of Us Part 2 Sony PlayStation PS4 Naughty Dog The Last of Us Part 2 Sony PlayStation PS4 Naughty Dog The Last of Us Part 2 Sony PlayStation PS4 Naughty Dog

Do your part and remember to stay at home and abide by the lockdown laws. The sooner we listen and heal the country the better.

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