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The Last of Us Part I Dev Says the Remake Isn’t a “Cash Grab”

Naughty Dog and PlayStation recently announced The Last of Us Part I, a full remake of the 2013 game. However, fan reception to the remake has been divisive, with some calling it an unnecessary waste of resources by PlayStation and a “cash grab.” It looks like one of the game’s developers now has an answer to these worries, assuring fans that it’s still a worthwhile endeavour.

Robert Morrison, who currently works at Bend Studio but also had a hand in developing The Last of Us Part I, responded to criticisms from fans that the remake was simply a blatant cash grab. Turns out this isn’t the case as Naughty Dog is putting a great amount of care and attention into the ambitious project in order to make it rise above simply being yet another re-release.

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Morrison’s full statement on the matter reads:

“‘It’s just a cash grab’. Actually it’s the most meticulously built and crafted project that I have ever seen or been a part of in my entire career. The highest level of care and attention to detail possible.”

For Morrison to say this is certainly high praise as the developer previously worked on games like 2018’s God of War, Injustice 2 and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

The Last of Us Part I is a remake to the 2013 game by Naughty Dog, set before the events of The Last of Us Part II – though the use of “part” in the titles might suggest that Naughty Dog are attempting to more closely connect the two games now, though it will likely just be for naming purposes and not make any fundamental changes to the first game.

The Last of Us Part I releases on 2 September 2022 for PS5. A PC version is also planned, though will release at a later stage.

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