The Last of Us Part II could be the most accessible game ever made. No really. The game features a load of options and in-game aids that allows it to be played by gamers with disabilities. One particular gamer named Steve Saylor is a blind gamer and shared an emotional video on Twitter where he thanked Naughty Dog for making these options available so he could play the game.

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In the video, Steve shared very little words about his experience with the game due to his overwhelming emotions.

“This what myself and others in the accessibility community have been advocating for so long. There’s so much here. This is why I do what I do. This is why I work so hard to promote accessibility. This is why, because this is important.”

The Last of Us Part II includes some accessibility options such as the ability to play the game entirely through audio alone. This is one of many great strides Naughty Dog took in order to make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

I made use of the larger font size in the game right from the start and it helped a lot. I know my bad vision is nothing compared to what others out there deal with, but we often take gaming for granted when we can see and hear things perfectly. The Last of Us Part II wants to make the experience playable for all gamers and this blind gamer is just one of many.

Catch up on my The Last of Us Part II review here and watch the video review down below;

  • Story - /10
  • Gameplay - /10
  • Presentation - /10
  • Value - /10


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