Naughty Dog Completes The Last of Us Part II’s Final Scene
The Last of Us Part II leak Release Date
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The Last of Us Part II could be arriving sooner than we thought as production is in full swing and the shooting has just wrapped up. Naughty Dogs’ Niel Druckmann announced on Twitter that the final scene for the upcoming game has been completed.

The script which he took a photo of shared the words “Cut to black – The end”. This means that the ending scene of the game has now been completed and the motion-capture and voice acting could be wrapping up. Shooting the game scenes is just half of the work that goes into creating a game like The Last of Us Part II and Naughty Dog could still have quite a production pipeline to tackle.

The Last of Us Part II release date is still unknown but it seems that sequel is coming along nicely. Druckmann’s Twitter post is good news that the game is getting there even though we don’t know when we will be playing it. Recent rumours have been swirling that the game will indeed release in 2019. The PlayStation Store accidentally revealed a “2019” release window a few weeks ago.

Naughty Dog’s last big title, Uncharted 4, completed motion capture just seven months before the game released so if that is anything to go by, The Last of Us Part II release date could be on schedule for a late 2019 window.

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However, now that Sony’s PS5 has been confirmed for a 2020 release, they could possibly hold this back and have it as a release title for the console as well as a PS4 game too.

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