The Last of Us Part II – Inside the Gameplay Showcases New Evolved Experience

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The Last of Us Part II – Inside the Gameplay Showcases New Evolved Experience

Naughty Dog promised to release a series of new The Last of Us Part II videos and the latest one just dropped. This one is all about gameplay and it is a welcome sight as we have not seen much about the gameplay to date. The latest trailer features a team from Naughty Dog talking about the new gameplay mechanics in the upcoming game. In addition, it touches on some of the things Ellie will face in her journey ahead.

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Keep in mind that the video is very gameplay driven so if you want to go into the experience blind then stay away. However, the eight-minute-long showcase does a great job revealing some cool mechanics in the game. One of these is a dedicated jump button which you can press at any time. In addition, Ellie can go into a prone position where she can gain access to all her weapons, items and craft in the middle of a fight.

Ellie can also make healing items, makeshift ammunition for ranged weapons and more on the go. If anything, the vast improvements to the gameplay will be a welcomed addition. Much of the original game was slow and characters felt stiff. However, The Last of Us Part II is changing this up by allowing for more character freedom and movement throughout the game. This will come in handy during intense combat moments, or even if you need to run away from an encounter to get your bearings.

We won’t go further into detail about the things we saw in the trailer. Watch it down below, or don’t. You can also catch up on the last video here. In case you missed it, Sony is releasing a Limited Edition PS4 Pro console. Take a look at all the details including local pricing here.

The Last of Us Part II is releasing on 19 June 2020 only on PS4.

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