The Last of Us Part II is out next week Friday, 19 June 2020 and it seems gamers are in for a long campaign. According to GQ, The Last of Us Part II is said to last around 25-30 hours. In a post, the website details the length of the game’s campaign saying it is the scope of two games smashed together. In addition, the site gives a few hints at the game’s story as a “unique interwoven structure”.

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The article seems to share some insight into the game’s characters while at the same time referencing director Niel Druckmann’s previous interview on diversity and pushing boundaries. However, GQ claims the game does a great job delivering fan service by strengthening what the original managed to do while mirroring its tone and message.

So there you have it. The Last of Us Part II is 25-30 hours long. It is double the length of the original game according to GQ.

GQ also went on to reveal some related themes in the game saying there’s a “wonderfully written love triangle”. In addition, the game has a “tasteful” sex scene.

We are not sure how GQ managed to get away with posting this information on The Last of Us Part II as much of it probably goes against the NDA. However, there are no spoilers at least, just the game’s length and how the story plays out. While we cannot confirm any of this at this time, you will have to wait for Friday when our review goes live.

In the meantime catch up on the previous “Insider” videos here and check out the latest controversial ad down below;

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