The Last of Us Part II Metacritic

The Last of Us Part II Metacritic User Score Bombed

We all knew it was coming. The Last of Us Part II is being review bombed on Metacritic by fans. The game has been out for just over a dozen hours now and has received over 6,000 user reviews with a mass of them being extremely negative. At the time of writing, 4,000 of these reviews are negative with 1,600 of them being positive. In addition, many of them include story spoilers.

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Keep in mind that The Last of Us Part II is not a short game. I finished it in 25 hours and a speed-run could take you 10. It is hard to say whether or not many of these reviews are accurately expressing user feedback or if they are just angry spam. However, looking through some of them, because I have finished the game and don’t fear spoilers anymore, a lot of these reviews mention some key plot points giving me the impression that the user indeed completed the story.

With that being said, everything is available online now. The ending, the middle and the start. So anyone who wanted to can watch the game and go express their “hate” for it on the site. The negative reviews all have a certain theme in common, they dislike the prominent use of LGBTQ+ themes, they dislike how the plot plays out and they feel the game’s use of violence goes nowhere.

I don’t recommend you read any of the reviews at all until you have finished the game. They won’t do you any good besides spoiling the game in some way or another. I also don’t think, even though I did not score the game 10/10 as many sites did, that it deserves a 0/10 as many of these users are scoring the game. Any person with half a brain could critically score a game on their experience without giving it a 0/10. I mean, what game is literally so bad that it needs a 0/10. I have never played one.

This drastically-low score is one clear sign that this user rating is being bombed to death. But as I said, this was going to happen. I reckon you stay away from the internet for a few days and enjoy the game. It would be interesting to see what people think in a week’s time when they actually finish it.

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