Sony and Naughty Dog revealed over 20 minutes of new The Last of Us Part II gameplay last night during the State of Play stream. It is the first time we have seen the game being fleshed out in terms of gameplay. In addition, its the first time we got to see an actual gameplay walkthrough.

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The Last of Us Part II seems to play out very much like the first game. Players will spend much of their time crawling around, hiding away and facing off against enemies such as zombies and people. However, the gameplay video showcases just how bigger the world has become as Ellie explores ruins, swings across giant chasms and even rides a boat through a flooded area.

Other new improvements include a robust new crafting system which visually upgrades your weapons and gear. There’s also some new scary enemies Ellie will face in Seattle as she takes on the challenges the world throws at her. In terms of story, the game takes place a good number of years after the original game. Ellie is now 19 and looks older and a lot more mature. The harsh world has taken its toll on her and you can see this from her appearances in the demo.

We won’t share anything else from the video in case you don’t want to have it spoiled for you. Watch it down below. The Last of Us Part II is out on 19 June 2020 only on PS4, take a look at the gameplay down below. Sony is releasing a fancy PS4 Pro console and accessories alongside the game. Find out more about that here.

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