The Last of Us Part II PS5 Enhancement Update Boosts Performance
"Play the game in 60FPS"
The Last of Us Part II ending Review The Last of Us Part II PS5
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PS5 owners can now enjoy an enhanced experience in The Last of Us Part II thanks to a new enhancement update. Naughty Dog surprised fans by releasing a 60FPS update for the 2020 Game of the Year winner that doubles the frame rate on the PS5. The Last of Us Part II PS5 update is also free and does not require users to download a separate version of the game either.

Naughty Dog says that The Last of Us Part II PS5 update is just one of many announcements planned for the game. While they did not share any details on the future updates, the tease could possibly hint at the much-rumoured multiplayer mode that is in development.


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According to the Digital Foundy analysis of The Last of Us Part II on PS5, the game now runs at a solid 60FPS. They encountered an occasional drop to 57FPS during some intense scenes. In addition, The Last Of Us Part II runs at 1440p on the PS5. This is the same resolution as the PS4 Pro version of the game.

Keep in mind that while it would have been ideal to boost the game to native 4K 60FPS, this sort of enhancement is not possible given Sony’s backwards compatibility method on the PS5. Due to games running in legacy mode, developers cannot enhance the PS5 version as much as they would like to. They can only work on the PS4 game version only. This means titles can only see minor enhancement updates. Similar to how Insomniac Games patched in the 60FPS mode on PS5.

The Last of Us Part II PS5 update is now available. Take a look at the trailer down below that shows off the game’s performance on the console. We have also included the Digital Foundry analysis video in case you want to see how it runs.

The Last of Us Part II Performance






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