The Last of Us Part II Surpasses 200 Game of The Year Awards
The Last of Us Part II DLC Ending PS4 Leak Storage Space June 2020 Game Releases
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The Last of Us Part II has officially surpassed over 200 Game of the Year awards this week. According to the Game of the Year Awards Tracker site, the PS4 exclusive is currently sitting on 203 awards. 142 of which are from legible media outlets and 61 awards come from the reader’s choice. The website tracks media outlet awards as well as ceremony awards.


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Coming in after The Last of Us Part II is Hades with 45 awards followed by Ghost of Tsushima with 34 and Animal Crossing with 19. Cyberpunk 2077 also made the list with 19 awards. If you have to compare The Last of Us Part II to previous years, you can see that Sony’s first-party lineup often takes first place every year. In 2018, God of War walked away with 202 awards and in 2016, it was Uncharted 4 with 168. In 2019, Death Stranding was the big winner with 92 and in 2017 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sat with 194.

The Last of Us Part II’s success is not surprising at all. The game was a massive hit last year not only selling over 2.8 million units in its first month of sale but also going on to win The Game of The Year at The Game Awards show 2020. Sony claims that it is their third highest-grossing game and their biggest launch to date across both digital and physical sales.






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