The Last of Us 2 multiplayer won’t be a thing when the game launches on 21 February 2020 which is bad news for Factions fans out there who loved the original’s multiplayer component. Both Sony and developer Naughty Dog has confirmed this news, but also explained that even without multiplayer, The Last of Us 2 is by far the developer’s most ambitious game yet.

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Not everything is doom and gloom if you were hoping for a Factions mode in the game, as the developer assured fans that at some point in the future, gamers will be able to experience “the fruits of the team’s online ambition”. However, Naughty Dog made it clear that this multiplayer will not form part of The Last of Us 2.

Check out the full statement in a Tweet from Naughty Dog regarding The Last of Us 2 multiplayer below:

The last of us 2 multiplayer naughty dog factions

It is great to see that the developer is focusing on such a massive campaign and that they aren’t forgetting about Factions, but rather separating the two. How we will experience the multiplayer Naughty Dog is talking about is not clear right now, but it will probably be some kind of standalone experience. In terms of multiplayer in a DLC for the game, don’t hold your breath as the developer clearly states multiplayer won’t for part of the game.

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Are you a fan of the original title’s Factions mode and how excited are you for the game even without a multiplayer component? Let us know in the comment section below and watch the release date trailer just in case you’ve been living under a pile of zombies this week and missed the announcement by Sony.

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