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The Last of Us TV Show Will Still Feature Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson

The Last of Us TV show will still have Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson making an appearance but will not be as the series protagonists Joel and Ellie. We know that these roles will be handled by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay but we do not know who Baker and Johnson will be portraying.

The duo took to the stage during the final presentation of the Summer Games Fest to discuss The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 remake that will come to PS5 and PC. During the show, they announced that they will be a part of the HBO live-action show but they cannot reveal who they will be portraying.

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We also got a glimpse into the actual show that is still in production, even if it is just a screenshot of Pascal and Ramsay hunkered behind what appears to be shelving in a museum. This shot is reminiscent of the video game and the look of Pascal and Ramsay matches Joel and Ellie quite fittingly. The live-action Joel looks to be wearing his iconic olive shirt and jeans combo, while Ellie dons her instantly-recognisable red hoodie.

The Last of Us TV show

As we said, the announcement was made alongside the reveal of The Last of Us Part 1 remake for the PS5 and PC, rebuilt in all its beautiful splendor. From what we can see in the announcement trailer, not only does Part 1 get an increased frame rate to 60fps, but there are huge updates to graphical fidelity, lighting and character models. The Last of Us Part 1 was not only phenomenal in its story and gameplay but the environment was stunning, even for the PS3.

In the remake, we can see the city of Boston has been given a significant overhaul, with huge updates to lighting, textures and even colouring. Iconic scenes such as the sunset on the rooftop look almost completely different and it will be stunning to experience on the PS5 and on PC.

The Last of Us Part 1 remake will launch on the 2nd of September, 2022.

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