Listen, I know we live on the furthest point of Africa but Sony loves leaving us out of awesome PlayStation campaigns. The latest PlayStation event taking place called “Seize the Throne” is all about showing your knowledge of the console brand and winning cool stuff for doing so. Starting on 2 November, PlayStation fans (not you South African pleb) will be able to register for the cool new freebie event and unlock PS4 themes, awesome-looking chess avatars for their PSN account and even go into the draw to win a PS5 and other merch.

Of course, this not being available for South African residents is kind of sad. The entry mechanics are simple. Players need to just play games, which we do. They also need to earn trophies, which our South African consoles also do last time I checked. Lastly, users need to share captures from games online, we do have internet in South Africa and Twitter too – imagine?

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Sony has set aside milestones for players who participate in this event. After reaching a certain set of trophies earned, you can unlock avatars and when you reach stage 3, you can obtain the awesome-looking chess PS4 theme. Everything you do by simply playing games on your PS4 or PS5 works towards reaching these goals.

PlayStation Seize The Throne PS4 PS5

PlayStation Player Activities Number of Points
Play any game of Player’s choosing 10
Play any game of Player’s choosing with another Player 15
Use Share feature 5
Obtain Bronze Trophy 5
Obtain Silver Trophy 10
Obtain Gold Trophy 20
Obtain five (5) trophies in a single game 25

Sony will also be giving away a PlayStation 5 console, the King’s PlayStation Shapes Ring Set, and a bundle featuring a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and a PlayStation Store digital gift card worth $100 USD. Users simply need to answer three questions on the official site to go into the draw. This is not available in South Africa either. Anyway, I thought I would just share this awesome campaign we are missing out on once again.

Source: PS Blog

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