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The Legend of Dragoon PS4 and PS5 Patch Fixes Game-Breaking Bugs

The Legend of Dragoon, the classic PS1 JRPG from Japan Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment, arrived on PS4 and PS5 last week as part of the PlayStation Plus Deluxe’s classics lineup. Almost immediately, players reported game-breaking bugs that compromised the experience. A new patch has now been released for both consoles that addresses these issues and provides fixes.

The latest patch for The Legend of Dragoon on PS4 and PS5 apparently fixes several bugs, though there weren’t any official patch notes attached to the release. Players on Reddit quickly compiled a list of fixes in the game, including improving a number of audio bugs, no blue visual glitches and no instances of the game locking up when using certain spells. According to players, it seems to be in a much more playable state now after the new patch.

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One of the most annoying bugs that players encountered in The Legend of Dragoon‘s re-release revolved around using Dragoon magic. Basically, if players used the magic, it would soft lock battles and prevent you from using one of the game’s core combat mechanics. One Reddit user pointed out that this is no longer the case since it has been patched out. “Can confirm updated and used final burst, blossom storm, and astral drain IN A ROW! No soft lock,” stated the user.

The Legend of Dragoon first launched in 1999 for PS1 in Japan before arriving in other regions in the following years. Despite some underwhelming reviews at launch, it’s now seen as a JRPG classic and responsible for several systems and mechanics that are widely used in other modern titles.

The Legend of Dragoon, among other games, is one of the first PlayStation Plus classics that players are able to purchase separately without needing an active subscription to Deluxe.

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