The LG Rollable Phone is Real and Releasing This Year

LG Smartphone
The LG Rollable Phone is Real and Releasing This Year

While Samsung has been working on folding phones for a few years now, LG has taken a different approach with dual-display devices and rotating screens. This year, the company plans on releasing its first rollable phone called the “LG Rollable Phone” (no surprise there). The device was first teased during the company’s CES 2021 highlights reel but it seems that the Korean company actually plans on releasing it later this year.

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According to LG, the Rollable Phone has a display which can extend upwards to create a larger, tablet-sized screen. The device packs motors and rudders which acts as a mechanism that unwinds and rolls up the display as a user changes the size of the screen. This is similar to the LG Rollable TV which the company released into mass production late last year at over R1.5 million per unit.

LG Rollable Phone

While we don’t know the exact specs for the LG Rollable Phone just yet, it will no doubt run Android and make use of LG’s custom mobile OS. As for the buttons and camera system, we don’t know what this phone will pack in terms of lenses and IO. The whole announcement has taken many by surprise. Other brands such as TCL, which also showcased a rollable display tablet during CES, revealed that they were simply prototypes. LG, on the other hand, is ready to produce and release its new device to the public.

The company has yet to share specifics when it comes to the release date and price. Hopefully, we will hear more soon.

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