The Lord of the Rings effects and props studio, Weta Workshop Interactive has announced its gaming division is working on a large-scale, major worldwide IP. While details are scarce at this time, Weta Workshop Interactive says the new game is “very close to our hearts” which makes us believe that it could actually be a new  The Lord of the Rings game.

Weta is best known for its work on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings series. However, the effects division has also worked on other Peter Jackson projects including Avatar, The Hobbit and King Kong. They also worked on Wonder Woman’s visual effects. So right now, this new game project is anyone’s guess.

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The studio did confirm that this super-secretive project is being worked on for PC and console. The job listing also suggests that the game is still in very early development and needs developers to help “get it off the ground”.

The job ad reads:

We are currently looking for an exceptionally talented Game Producer to join our team in beautiful Wellington. The role will help us deliver our next PC and Console game project with a major worldwide IP that is very close to our hearts. Reporting to our Managing Director and working closely with the Lead Game Designer, you will be experienced with Scrum frameworks and work in an Agile mindset. Get in on the ground of this exciting next phase here in the Interactive team at Wētā Workshop!

Weta posted an update on its Facebook page where it shared a few more details on the project. The post describes the game to be based on an “incredibly rich and inspiring license that will fill fans and players around the world with delight.”

In the perfect world, this new Weta Workshop game could in fact be any one of its movie productions. However, we already know there’s an Avatar movie coming our way. We also doubt the project is Wonder Woman related. This leaves The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and King Kong. I wouldn’t mind either of them in all honesty.

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