The Matrix 4 rumours are circling again with new reports suggesting one or both Wachowskis could return to direct the upcoming film starring Michael B. Jordan.

The latest rumour from GWW says Lana Wachowski will return to direct the fourth Matrix film that will shoot in Chicago under the working title “Project Ice Cream”.

Discussing Films claims that both Wachowskis are returning to direct the fourth Matrix movie in addition to the same art director, Huge Bateup, who has already been brought on as the product designer for this new project.

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According to the site, the plot details are under wraps and it is unknown whether or not the film will be a reboot or a sequel to the original trilogy. The last we heard from Twitter user @DeniisCalero was the film could be a semi-continuation but that is still a rumour.

There is very little talk about the film but where there is, it is quite interesting. From the return of the Wachowskis that John Wick director Chad Stahelski revealed during an interview, to the rumour the film will start shooting in the next two years. With Keanu Reeves being everyone’s favourite person at the moment, a new film will be a no brainer.

The Matrix 4 has not been officially confirmed yet but everything we have heard points to a film being made quite soon. We will update you as we learn more.

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