The Matrix Resurrections Trailer 2 is Mind-Bending

"Guns, lots of guns"

The Matrix Resurrections New Poster Wachowski
The Matrix Resurrections Trailer 2 is Mind-Bending

The second trailer for The Matrix Resurrections has arrived online, and it delivers some mind-bending action and fun. Many questions are still left unanswered, but the latest trailer gives us a few glimpses at what the plot of the anticipated film might be. It seems to draw several parallels to the original trilogy as well.

The new trailer for The Matrix Resurrections delivers plenty of callbacks to the original trilogy and some of its more iconic moments and lines. Neo, who seemingly has amnesia, is being led by a group of people who really want him to remember his past as The One. Through this process, he encounters and relives plenty of events from the Matrix trilogy.

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The trailer delivers a few familiar parallel moments such as Neo and Trinity’s battle against a helicopter on a rooftop, as well as his face-offs against the various Agent Smiths (this time portrayed by Mindhunter actor Jonathan Groff). We’re also treated to new action set pieces such as Jessica Henwick’s character flipping upside down in a hallway, while Neo and Trinity lead a chase through the streets on a motorbike before initiating a huge explosion. It’s all still bizarre and doesn’t seem to make much sense, but that’s exactly what the marketing is going for.

Meanwhile, The Matrix Awakens recently arrived on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as a tech demo that will seemingly tie into the upcoming film. What this experience actually is remains to be seen, but fans will only have to wait until The Game Awards this week to find out what’s in store.

The Matrix Resurrections releases on 22 December 2021 in cinemas and HBO Max.

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