The Mortuary Assistant is Getting a Movie Adaptation

The Mortuary Assistant is getting a movie adaptation that will serve as a “companion piece” to the indie horror title. The hit horror title sees players taking charge of a new assistant at the River Fields mortuary where you not only need to embalm bodies and prep those for the afterlife, but you also need to exorcise demons possessing the bodies.

The title launched officially in August when it became a sensation almost overnight. It seems, though, that the movie adaptation for The Mortuary Assistant was confirmed before the title even launched. While it has not yet been confirmed as to where the movie will be distributed, it will be coming to the silver screen only it seems.

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Director Jeremiah Kipp (Slapface, Black Wake) has also stated that the film will act as a “companion piece” to the game, and hopes to “retain the minimalist setting in and around the mortuary, the fascination with the process of embalming, and the nerve-shredding terror of the gameplay”. We aren’t sure what Kipp means when they state that the film is a “companion piece” to the video game, however, but we assume it means there will be some official tie-in.

According to PC Gamer, the creator of The Mortuary Assistant, Brian Clarke, stated that “Movies have always been the main inspiration for the style of my games. I’m always trying to create story, dialogue, and moments that feel filmic. An opportunity to bring this project full circle is making a dream of mine a reality”.

Publisher DreadXP’s head of production, Ted Hentscke, stated that it’s “really hard to reflect mechanics in film, and the replay is more a mechanical device that we utilise in the narrative than a strict narrative device”, and that the film will “focus more on the overall narrative and the themes of the game and weave that five-part story into one”.

Source: PC Gamer

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