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The Most Annoying Types of Gamers in Multiplayer Matches

No matter what game you prefer to play when you enter a multiplayer match, your blood will sometimes boil thanks to other players. It is just the nature of online multiplayer and I am sure many of you have run into some extremely annoying types of gamers. If you are one of these types of gamers, keep in mind that his is for fun and no naming and shaming will be tolerated. With that being said, check out the top five most annoying types of gamers you can meet in a multiplayer match below.

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The Lone Wolf

Any multiplayer game that requires teamwork has that one player in a match that just goes out on his/her own with absolutely no awareness of their teammates. The Lone Wolf never listens, never follows the team, or even communicates with others. Instead, the Lone Wolf just runs off (and mostly dies over and over again) with some questionable general gameplay to make things even worse.

It is understandable when new players have no clue where to go or what to do in a multiplayer match, but when you see a Lone Wolf with hundreds of hours of time played, things get very annoying. Lone Wolves can be seen in any game really, from a player with the bomb in CS: GO just running in the opposite direction of a bomb site, to someone breaking away from their team in Destiny 2, pulling enemies and swiftly dying in a raid. One classic example is that of the “legendary” Leeroy Jenkins from World of Warcraft (although it was staged) showing how old Leeroy runs off on his own as he was tired of waiting on his raid time, leaving the whole team dead in the process.

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The Afrikaans Duo

Before we get started with this section, let me just make one thing abundantly clear. My name is Wessel Jacques Minnie and I am as Afrikaans as they come. However, in multiplayer matches in South Africa, especially in Dota 2 and sometimes CS: GO as well, you get this duo of annoying gamers that only speak Afrikaans, while clearly, not everyone on their team can understand them. I actually wrote about this duo in an article about annoying Dota 2 players years ago and it is still very much relevant today.

Things get worse when they don’t use push-to-talk, which means you hear their strange (and sometimes very personal) conversations instead of other teammates trying to focus on the game. This also applies to just about any other duo, for example, a Russian duo when you play on international servers, or any other language you can think of.

The point is, if you are playing on an English server and refuse to speak English although you clearly can, that’s when you start falling under the most annoying types of gamers out there.

Mr Fantastic

It’s okay to be confident and it is even okay to boast about your skill at some points. Everyone likes to brag a little when they do well and everyone loves playing with those who have confidence. However, Mr Fantastic can’t back up their fantastical claims with anything but clear delusions of grandeur.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#16989D” class=”” size=”24″]Mr Fantastic can’t back up their fantastical claims with anything but clear delusions of grandeur.[/perfectpullquote]

We’ve all seen these players before, those who claim to be the best at a specific game, only to fail over and over again. Clearly, it is never their fault either as they are simply the best (sarcasm is hard over the internet) and can do no wrong.

The scary thing is, anyone can become a Mr Fantastic, from that Fortnite player who won that one game long ago and now things he/she is a world champion, to that Battlefield player who once rode in a tank with a skilled player and went on a kill streak.

When you see this type of annoying gamer in your multiplayer match, it is best to ignore them as no amount of logic will help.

Captain Micromanage

Unlike Mr Fantastic, Captain Micromanage is actually a good player, maybe even a great one. However, sometimes people just want to enjoy a match, especially a public, non-ranked multiplayer game. That doesn’t stop Captain Micromanage from, you guessed it, trying to micromanage every single player on their team.

It’s great to have a player like this when you are in an esports team or competing in a ranked match, but it gets old fast when the match really isn’t serious at all. Further, you might just be trying something new in a match, just to have Captain Micromanage drill you into submission, screaming at the top of their lungs that, for example, your item build for your hero in a Dota 2 match isn’t exactly what a pro player did in a big tournament recently. Keep in mind that sometimes, Captain Micromanage does help new players perform way better than normal and could be great for a team, it just all depends on how welcome this type of player is and they should pick their moments to go crazy.

The Squeaker

Possibly the only type of gamer more annoying than the Afrikaans duo when it comes to voice communication is the Squeaker. Eardrums will burst, dogs will start barking and your cat will probably try to find a new home when the Squeaker enters a multiplayer match you are participating in.

As the name suggests, the Squeaker is someone who screams in a VERY high pitched voice and just doesn’t want to quiet down, making me want to pull a Kratos and tell them to stay quiet, boy. The Squeaker can be extremely distracting and they are mostly found in Call of Duty as well as Fortnite matches. I understand that some gamers’ voices haven’t broken yet and there is nothing wrong with that, but please, for the love of everything precious and for the safety of small animals, turn that volume down a little bit when asked repeatedly by your team.

What annoying types of gamers have you met in a multiplayer match? Share your experiences with us but please, refrain from naming and shaming as the idea behind this article is a fun discussion.

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