The New Doom Eternal Trailer is All About the Gore

Bethesda dropped a brand new Doom Eternal trailer last night and it is as action-packed as you could imagine. The game is set to release on 20 March 2020 after suffering a substantial delay last year which pushed its release date from 22 November 2019 all the way to March of this year. The trailer which you can watch down below proves the formula that made the 2016 release so popular remains untouched and we are excited to get our hands on it.

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Doom Eternal is all about its fast-paced shooting, tearing and ripping hellish ghouls limb from limb and my time with the game at E3 last year proved that. The game is as casual and arcade-like as ever and the final release is one of my most anticipated games of 2020.

The trailer shows off some key characters and demons that players will face when Doom Eternal releases on 20 March 2020 including the classics like the Cacodemon and Mancubuses. Players will also face off against new enemies like the Marauder and Gladiator. Players will also get their hands on the Crucible sword which is a new part of the Doom Slayer’s arsenal and is featured in the latest trailer.

The game looks as familiar as ever but has a list of new things to look forward to including a brand-new setting on Earth, more places to climb to and combos to pull off. One thing is for sure, you will never stop running, climbing, shooting, ripping and tearing in Doom Eternal.

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