The New Rugby 20 Trailer Shows off Tactical Gameplay Features

Rugby 20
The New Rugby 20 Trailer Shows off Tactical Gameplay Features

BigBen and Eko Software released a new video of the upcoming Rugby 20 that shows off gameplay including the attack, tactics and set plays available in the upcoming Rugby game. According to BigBen and Eko Software, Rugby 20 will allow you to change the tactics before and during matches.

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Players will be able to manage the game plan, positioning and behaviour of players in order to experience a modern rugby style of play. For attacking play, there are different moves available at your disposal including a long pass to teammates and new kicking options. Grubber kicks, pass feints and side-steps to name a few. These new attacking play elements will help you gain the upper hand over your opponent.

As for defending, timing and accuracy along with tackles will guarantee a tactical experience during matches and tackling at the right time will avoid dangerous plays that could lead to a penalty.

Eko Software and BigBen promise that Rugby 20 will have a strong focus on simulation. Rugby 20 will offer players all the elements that make up modern rugby including tactical changes during matches, attacking pods, passing after contact and set plays of which all rugby fans will enjoy.

Rugby 20 is due out on 23 January 2020 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you pre-order now you will be able to take part in the closed final closed beta test which takes place from 19 December 2019.

Check out the latest trailer for the game down below and be sure to visit the official site for more information on the upcoming game.

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