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The New Sony Bravia X90J Also Doesn’t Come With VRR Out of The Box

The upcoming Sony Bravia X90J TV range is said to fix the issues users faced with last year’s X90H range. If you don’t remember, Sony shipped the Bravia X90H marketed as “made for PS5” but four months later and both the console and the TV have yet to receive a VRR or ALLM update.

Sony seems to be repeating the same mistakes with its new Bravia X90J range as according to early reviews and unboxings, the displays also don’t have VRR installed out of the box. This being something Sony claimed it would include when they announced the range in January.


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YouTubers and US media have received review units of the Sony Bravia X90J and many of them claim that the VRR feature still needs to be installed through a software update.

YouTube channel Abt Electronics recently published an unboxing of the Sony Bravia X90J series and the host commented on the lack of VRR saying “we saw two HDMI 2.1 inputs on the back that are 4K 120Hz compatible with VRR, hopefully coming up down the line”.  Sure, the new range is not set to release until the second half of 2021 in South Africa. However, one can’t help but worry that Sony is pulling an X90H on consumers again. The TV is currently rolling out in the US already and without VRR, it is very much the same situation as the X90H.

As for the Sony Bravia X90J 4K 120Hz blur, we don’t know yet whether or not Sony has fixed the issue on the new set. The Bravia X90H suffers from a blur when users enable the 4K 120Hz mode on their displays. This is something Sony has attempted to fix in multiple firmware updates and the latest update improved the blur but did not eliminate it.

Reddit users are quite fed up with the false marketing Sony has provided on both the X90J and X90H series. Users claim that the company has hung onto its statement of “will be available in a future update” for way too long now and many of them refuse to invest in the new TV until these features are added and the 4K 120Hz blur is proven to be fixed.

So as it stands, the Sony Bravia X90J series does not have VRR enabled out of the box. So even if you want to play Xbox Series X or PC while making use of the feature, you can’t. As for the 4K 120Hz blur? We don’t know yet if the issue is fixed. We won’t get our hands on the new TV range until later this year when it releases in SA. We recently reviewed the X90H and loved it (with the hope of VRR). You can read our full review here.


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